Video, Audio and Music Production

Video production is very similar to film production where images are recorded electronically instead of film stock. Video production encompasses a wide array of broadcasting, and can include commercials for television, wedding videos, and special interest projects. A video production can be as simple as someone making home movies, to a college student filming a documentary, to reality television shows the act of wearing a camera by the shooter and showing the action as he sees it. There are many types of video production, such as television broadcast, event video, usually used at sporting events or weddings. There is marketing video, used to promote a product, and training videos for organizations and companies. Music production is a huge business and what was once only for recording artists now the regular person can not only have them recorded, but also in many cases can do the music production themselves. In recording music there are many things used to make the music sound, as music should sound. MIDI Sequencing is one of the keys to music production and beat making. MIDI language allows keyboards and drum machines to talk. Then there is sampling and synthesizers and are a major part of hip-hop and House music production. Digital production techniques use digital software, including sample set-up, looping and truncation. Audio production uses machines and equipment to record, mix, and reproduction of sounds. Areas used are electronics, acoustics, and music along with different types of recording media such as analog tape, digital multi-track recorders, and computers.