Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Written by Sonny Quinn

There is a perception out there that only men watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. This is definitely a myth. As a woman, I love watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show for how much it empowers me as a woman. This show truly inspires me to gain confidence as a woman. I love how this show embraces femininity and the beauty of the female figure.

This show always features models with the craziest costumes. I love watching the fashion show on my satellite tv. One sees models with the craziest costumes, ranging from sweet little angels to little devils or witches. This show truly tries to be over the top and succeeds in doing so. One will get to see the latest collections from Victoria’s Secret by watching this show. There are so many different types of bras and corsets featured on this show. One truly is exposed to all sorts of lingerie.

I find myself always rushing to the store after watching this show to pick up the newest line of bras from Victoria’s Secret. I am always inspired to be more fashionable in my under garments, because this show truly features the latest in fashion. Overall, this is one of the best fashion shows to watch on television for anyone with an interest in fashion. I highly recommend this great show for anyone.(click for more)