Victoria Beckham Needs Surgery to Remove Her Bunions

Doctors told Victoria Beckham, who is popular for her designer dress collection, fragrances, and personal style, that she needs to undergo an operation to remove her bunion. A bunion which is known as a deformity of the bone that affects the feet causes the star much pain. Victoria suffers from shooting pains each time she wears high heels, and states that her feet are the “bane of her life”.On a trip to Paris in early December this year, the star showed her reddened feet, when she lost her shoe while attending a party. Onlookers were shocked to see the star’s strained feet and protruding bunion.The former posh spice girl is counting on foot exercises and wearing corrective soles to reduce the pain because she loves wearing her six-inch heels. Victoria who is often seen wearing her louboutin’s, once stated that “I beyond hate ballerina flats. I cannot walk in them. Unless they are on a ballet dancer doing ballet, I just do not get it, I love heels”.Victoria’s doctors have warned her that she should try wearing flatter shoes or undergo an operation called a bunionectomy that involves scooping the bunion. If the star decides to go ahead with the operation she would be unable to wear heels for a number of months. She feels that if she is unable to wear her heels that she would severely compromise her image and ruin her stylish look.