Unique Places to find Vintage Crystal Stemware

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

When it comes to stemware, crystal is the preferred type of glass most people use to serve wine and other beverages. Many people enjoy collecting crystal, and some even treasure vintage crystal stemware. If you’re particularly interested in vintage crystal stemware, you’re in luck. You might find what you’re looking for at estate sales and vintage shops.

Estate Sales

For the vintage crystal stemware collector, there’s nothing like stumbling on an entire set of glasses. Unlike garage sales and thrift shops that might have one or two crystal glasses, an estate sale is more likely to have an entire set. To save time, keep an eye out for ads mentioning estate sales in your neighborhood. Sometimes the ads even list the items that will be featured at the sale.

Vintage Shops

A vintage retailer that offers vintage jewellery might also carry vintage crystal stemware. You might even get lucky to find an entire set. Visit a vintage store to check out what they have in stock. The vintage retailer should be able to provide you with detailed information about the pieces, such as the year they were made, what type of crystal they are, and you might even get to hear a great story about where they came from.

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