Starting Your Own Spray Tan Business

A mobile spray tan business is the perfect venture for someone who is passionate about the industry and wants a new channel for income. If you’ve been thinking about starting your business, read on for some helpful tips.

The great thing about a mobile business is that it saves you a lot of overhead other companies spend on things like a brick-and-mortar store. While it’s good to save as much money as possible when you first start out, you should still make an effort to purchase the best spray tan equipment you can afford. This equipment will have a direct effect on your company’s performance.

This also goes for supplies like the tanning solution you elect to use. Ideally, you’ll pick the brand you personally use, but if cost is a concern, find a similar product that you can afford. Then begin using this product yourself to become familiar with it. As your company turns profitable, you may decide to stick with the new brand if you like it enough.

Advertising your company can be tough, and costly, at first. Try using your own network of friends and family to get the word out. Social media is also a modern option your company can take advantage of. Only when you have the money should you consider an investment like commercials or print ads.