Spotify Coming To The US

Previously available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, Spotify will soon arrive in the United States. By simply creating an account on this online music service and downloading their streaming music player, you can share music files legally and free with the other members! With music instantly streaming into your computer, you will no longer have to wait for long downloads again.

Spotify offers advanced search features, allowing you listen to the music that you crave, when you crave it. Users can share their favorite playlists and songs with their friends and the other thousands of members. You can collaborate to create the ultimate list of your old songs as well as brand news ones that you discovered through Spotify. With so many sources and the growing everyday, Spotify will find the music that’s just right for you.

You can even purchase some of the music that you hear streamed for free on Spotify through one of their download partners.

Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, Spotify recommends 256 kbits and works best with a 3G connection. Once you have Spotify, you can download it on as many computers, but you can only listen to it on one location at a time.

While there are advertisements, there are considerably less advertisements on Spotify than what is encountered on mainstream commercial radio. The price for a little advertisement is a greater range of music. One day, there may be music from all over the world available. Remember that this advertising is what makes Spotify free.