Scotty McCreery wins Ameircan Idol

Scotty McCreery, the 16 year old country singer, won this year’s American Idol yesterday. At the finale Scotty was against Lauren Alaina, who is also 16. 29 million watched the finale, 122 million votes were received and several popular artists performed on the results show.

Lauren had some vocal problems on the day of the finale, but the doctors gave her some shots and she was better by the time the show went on the air. At the end the voters decided Scotty should win. When the winners was announced, Lauren landed a surprise kiss on Scotty, making some speculate that they were dating. Later Lauren was asked if they were dating and her answer was “I don’t know, ask Scotty.” The next day Scotty told in an interview that they were not dating, but they were very close friends and they become closer because they had been taking private tutoring classes.

The Finale also featured several live performances, including a duet with Judas Priest and James Durbin, Beyonce, Steven Tyler (performing “Dream on”), Tom Jones, Tony Bennet, Lady Gaga and Marc Anthony (Jennifer Lopez’ husband).