Robbie Comes Home

It has been 15 years since Take That performed together as a band. The band was one of Britain’s biggest selling outfits until the usual disaster struck.Robbie Williams decided to walk out on his band mates at the height of the band’s popularity in 1995. While this left fans devastated, Take That did try to make it without the fifth member. This approach didn’t work for very long and the band split up the following year. Since then Gary Barlow and Mark Owen have had decent success with their solo careers, Barlow more than Owen. Williams seemed to have come out best of all in that deal. His solo career soared and he became one of Europe’s best entertainers. Williams sold around 57 million albums after going solo and won the most amounts of Brit awards ever.

But all that changed as the wave he was riding ran out. In the meantime Barlow, Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange (the other band members) reformed Take That in 2005. Since then they have almost returned to the popularity that they encountered in the early 1990’s. While that happened, William’s career flat lined.Perhaps it was that reason or maybe he genuinely missed his band mates, but Robbie Williams has decided that enough is enough and has agreed to rejoin the band. Williams said that he was really excited about the venture and Owen said that it was like a dream come true. They have already been working on an album and it is due to be released in September. Whether this will be a second coming for the band or a disastrous flop (like the reformation of the Spice Girls and the resulting tour) is something that could be worth watching.