Pink Floyd & Dave Gilmour guitar tuition DVDs released

For guitar fans across the world, Lick Library’s (LL) newest release is great news. LL has released three Pink Floyd specific tutorials designed to generate nostalgia as well as show us how Dave Gilmour created magic. In the videos Jamie Humphries, who played with The Australian Pink Floyd (a Pink Floyd tribute band), will take over the duty of guiding us through the genius of Pink Floyd.

In “Learn to play Pink Floyd: Volume 2”, five classic Pink Floyd tracks are dissected by Jamie and are explained in minute detail. This includes demonstrations and explanations of many techniques. This package comes as a double DVD and contains live performance footage recorded at the Royal Albert hall of the Australian Pink Floyd band and is priced at RRP £24.99.

The second release is “Learn to Play Dave Gilmour: The Solos”. As the name suggests, this double DVD takes you through a comprehensive journey that will allow you to understand how Dave’s solos are composed. Again five classic tracks are targeted here and you get to play along with the tutor at whatever pace you decide is comfortable. A CD with jam tracks is also bundled with the offer which helps broaden your experience and the whole package is priced at RRP £24.99.

The final release is titled “Quick Licks in the style of Dave Gilmour” and is aimed at getting you to understand the style of Gilmour when it comes to blues licks. Many techniques, styles and variations are looked at and explained well by Jaime. This package too features jam tracks which will help you to further your Pink Floyd style and is priced a little lower at RRP £19.99.