Madonna Offends French by Baring Nipple & Swastika Image at Concert

The Material Girl notorious for her risqué behavior is in trouble again. ABC News reports that Madonna could get sued by a right-wing French political party because she played a video of the party’s leader with a swastika on her forehead while performing in Paris last weekend. The video shows a montage of famous faces including party leader Marine Le Pen. After Pen’s face comes up in the video, it features the Nazi swastika on her forehead; then Madonna’s face shows up wearing Hitler’s mustache.


According to ABC News, Pen is known for her views on “limiting Muslim immigration in France.”

Madonna has shown this video during other concerts on her tour, and Pen’s party has already warned her that it would take action if it were shown in France. Apparently, the pop icon didn’t heed their warning, and she showed the video at the Stade de France on July 14.

But that’s not all that’s getting her in trouble. The Material Girl flashed her nipple and buttocks at the same concert, and ABC News reports it wasn’t the first time she’s flashed the audience. Last month, Madonna flashed her nipple at a concert in Istanbul in Turkey. She also dropped her pants and flashed her g-string to audiences in Rome.