Lindsay Lohan to pose naked in Playboy for $1 Million

Lindsay Lohan to pose nude in Playboy
Yesterday many media reported that Lindsay Lohan had just finished a photo shoot for Playboy for $1 million. She has posed fully naked. Apparently the shoot took four days. TMZ reports that the photos will include frontal nudity. Lohan stated that the photos were “tastefully done.” We just can’t wait to see these nude Playboy pictures! It seems these days no one wants to hire her for her real job (acting), so she has no other choice but to accept a job with Playboy, posing nude.

Just last week Lindsay was in front of judge for a parole violation for not completing her community service. The judge was tough on her and she was put in handcuffs and taken to jail, but was bailed out shortly after.

Yesterday also Linsday’s dad Michael Lohan made it to the news for trying to visit his ex-girl friend Kate Major while he was not allowed to see her, because of previous assault he had against her. Apparently he tried to run from cops by jumping 3 stories, but was caught and arrested. Later he told the news that he was drunk and did something really stupid.