How Artists Use Social Media

Social Media is the rage these days and it has enabled interaction between online users at a level that has never been seen before. Information exchange, opinions, polls, link sharing, calls to action, etc the list goes on as to how social networking is transforming lives of people around the world. Social networking involves the use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.
The use of social media can be very beneficial to artists, especially those who are waiting to be discovered. Let us look at four ways in which artists can use social media to promote themselves.

YouTube – The revolutionary video sharing service that began it all is the perfect place to display your talents. Whether it is playing an instrument, singing or producing tracks you can put it on YouTube for the world to hear and see.

Twitter – This is a great way to stay in the spotlight while helping you to showcase your talent as well. By providing links to your YouTube videos, you can make sure that more and more traffic is generated.

Facebook – This provides an excellent way to gather fans, keep them informed of your achievements, interact and receive feedback on your material.

Blogs – Maintaining a blog will allow fans to get to know you more in detail and to understand your thought process. Blogs allow you more freedom of expression than most other social media, so use it carefully.

In using these methods, a few things must be kept in mind.

1. Never be too pushy
2. Always listen and interact
3. Maintain a uniform image across all mediums

This will ensure your success and increase your chances of being discovered.