George Michael has split from long time boyfriend Kenny Goss

George Michael has finally admitted that him and boyfriend Kenny Goss have split a long tome ago, despite rumors that they had done so and gim previously denying it.

When the information appeared in press George denied the breakup and described the news as an insult. However, Geoerge recently announced teh break at a concert at Prague State Opera in Prague, Czech Republic. He told teh crowd they had not been togther for two years.

“My battles with substances are well documented and my partner went through similar problems with drink,” Michael announced and then sang a new song called “Where I Hope You Are.” “The truth is my love life has been a lot more turbulent than I have let on. This is probably the first breakup song I’ve written,” he added.

Geoerge is 48 and his partner 51. Kenny Goss is a texan business man and apparantly he is back to Texas now. Rumors have it that the break up is due to George using drugs and his unwillingness to give it up despite the requests by Kenny. Michael has had problems with drugs and driving under teh influence and has been arrested several times.