Facts About Online Radio Stations

Do you listen to country music or gospel music online? Maybe you don’t know how it got started or how it works.  Here are some facts about free online music.

History – Online radio stations started back in the 1990s.  This was close to the exact same time the internet was becoming popular.  During 1998, after the Millennium Copyright Act was signed by President Clinton, the cost that was involved in downloading the songs increased when the radio stations began needing to pay some royalties in order to air the songs that were copyrighted.  Pretty soon the streaming of songs on the Internet was popular and more of the stations were streaming talk shows and music.

Function – Most of the stations won’t need software downloads for operating.  Just click on a link to your station that you’re going to listen to.  There may be a window for your media player that is opening. Most of the computers these days have at least one media player.  If you are working with an older model that doesn’t have one, once you click on the link, there’s going to be a pop-up box which is going to give you the choice of downloading one. Once you’ve accessed your media player, just click on play.

Listening to music online is something that a lot of people do and you can find just about any kind of music that you like on the Internet.  So try it for yourself and see what it can offer you.