Eminem claims Audi used his song without permission

Eminem has filed a lawsuit in Hamburg, Germany against Audi, claiming Audi has used his song “Lose Yourself” in an advertsiement without permission.

An US Audi spokesman said: “The video referred to is not an advertisement. Also, this does not involve Audi of America. The video was not shown here in the U.S.” The spokesperson was not able to make any further comments due to the lawsuit.

The advertsiment features an 2012 Audi A6 Avant being driven in the streets while Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” music is being played in the background. The advertsiement also resembles a Chrysler 200 advertsiement show in superbowl last year, which featured the same song, but Eminem was the driver in that one. It is not yet known if Chrysler will also file a suit.

Below you can see both the Audi and Chrytler ads.