Dress Like a Celebrity

In today’s world, everyone longs to look like a celebrity. We track their every fashion move on the internet and in magazines. There are often segments where you can get the star’s look for less. Having the fashion taste of a celebrity may require some work, but it will be well worth it in the end.

The first step to looking like a star is to start buying the basics. Many stars build their style around the clothing and fashion necessities. You may love the scarf a certain starlet is wearing, but she has to have the building blocks of her wardrobe too. You want to buy basics that are well made and timeless. This way, you can keep them through many seasons. These include tank tops for layering, tee shirts, dark wash jeans, a blazer, trousers, and shorts. These should be bought in your correct size, not the size you wish you were. You can pick up things like basic tee shirts in multiple colors. Once you find a fit that you like, buy a lot in order to build up your collection.

The next thing to do is to splurge on some fancier items. These are what will take your outfits to the next level. You can add them with the basics above in order to create celebrity worthy looks on an everyday basis. For example, you could buy a hot pink waist cinching belt. You can pair it with basic items and it will become the focal point.