Celebrity Hair Styles

Article by Daniel Zarokian of Danie’s Beauty Salon Blog

Celebrities have some of the most sought after hairstyles, many people walk into their salon and ask their hair stylist to give them the latest celebrity look. During her time on the television show “Friends” Jennifer Aniston’s haircut was so popular it was called the “Rachel” after her character. Many women loved the look of the cut and would simply ask for the “Rachel” when they walked into the salon. Another woman responsible for a popular hairstyle trend is Victoria Beckham, she has single handedly made the reversed bob one of the most popular hairstyles for women today.


If you find a celebrity hairstyle that you love, taking a picture to your hairstylist is one of the best options to try to achieve the look. Taking more than one picture of the hairstyle can also help your hairstylist tailor the cut and make it look closest to the celebrities’. Hairstyles are not the only thing that celebrities can inspire; celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Rhiana even Katy Perry have been seen with different colored hair. If you do not want to make a change as drastic as blue, red or bleached blond hair; many times highlights or natural colors can inspire change.

Have you ever wanted long hair but you actually have short hair? Celebrities are known for the use of hair extensions. Hair extensions have become more accessible over the past few years and there are even some celebrity endorsed extensions that can look like actual hair. They are a great way to help change your look up without making any drastic real changes.