Celebrities And Their Hobbies

We all have our favorite celebrities. Our favorite actors and singers whose careers and lives we love to follow every day. Although sometimes we may forget, celebrities are real people just like us. They have families and friends, and when they are not working or being photographed, they enjoy their time off to take trips and pursue their favorite hobbies. For most celebrities time spent out of the public eye is valuable to them and the types of hobbies they pursue range from the unique and interesting. Hobbies can be things such as volunteering for their favorite organization to something as quiet and simple as enjoying the great outdoors.

Volunteer work is something that many celebrities consider a hobby. Being able to spend the time doing work and lending their name to an organization that they believe in, can do wonders to raise money. There are long lists of celebrities that consider volunteering a hobby, but mostly it is important that they are doing something meaningful, and helping others who cannot help themselves. Actors like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie devote time as well as money to a number of important causes, including building homes to displaced residents from Hurricane Katrina. Actors like Pamela Anderson, Olivia Munn, and Dita Von Teese volunteer their time and images to PETA, an organization that works hard for the ethical treatment of animals.

As I am sure most of us know, many celebrities consider sports and exercise to be some of their most favorite hobbies. They even seem to have taken up dancing. With the success of Dancing With The Stars, many celebrities take dance lessons and consider it to be a great work out. Seeing on television the type of success other stars have with their weight loss from rehearsing, have many celebrities jumping on the dance wagon. In the Los Angeles area alone celebrities can be seen going to take Woodland Hills dance lessons, at a Woodland Hills dance studio. It is also well known that celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Madonna spend hours every day doing Yoga as one of their favorite hobbies. Cameron Diaz is a celebrity who is always photographed surfing, as is Matthew McConaughey.

Many celebrities have unique and interesting hobbies. John Travolta loves to fly airplanes, even owning his own plane. Golf’s biggest superstar Tiger Woods, is known to be quite the diver. Kate Bosworth and Billy Murray have both been in the news with stories of their skydiving adventures. Many people consider collecting to be a hobby, and famous people are no different. Collecting is the type of hobby that even the celebrity who has it all, loves to participate in. Many stars are known to actually collect new and old luxury cars. A number of celebrities and singers are often seen showing off their massive car collections. These collections always include Bentleys, Porsches, and Ferraris. A popular collectible today is vinyl record albums. Musicians especially take to collecting vinyl records.

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