Are You a Fan of 70s Music?

Article written by Live Freaky Die Freaky

So you are actually admitting that you are a fan of 70s music?  Don’t worry, you secret is safe with me.  There are all kinds of people in this world, people that like country music, people that like online radio stations, the whole nine yards.  So if you are a music lover, you must have a great CD collection, or if you are a music lover from another generation, then you must be a collector of tapes.  If you are a fan of 70s music, then you probably also love the different types of TV shows as well.  There are no better places to find music that TV shows or movies.  You are a person that obviously looks for music, and there are places to find music that are unsuspected.  Music from movies is often done by artists from popular culture, and would therefore be interesting for most people.  TV shows often hire popular artists as well, so their soundtracks can be equally interesting for music lovers.


So you are interested in buying some music and you want to know where to purchase it.  Let’s start with online venues, such as ITunes, or for the less modest people, sources that are free such as Limewire or MediaFire, are equally useful.  If you are more interested in purchasing CDs, your local electronics store should have a decent collection of most types of music.  And don’t forget that if you want music, you will also need something to play it on!