2 Questions from last night’s Oscars answered

The 2 questions most people wanted answered from last night’s Oscars is 1) How old is Kirk Douglas? and 2) How many times did Anne Hathaway change her dress?

For those youngsters who did not recognize the old man speaking and announcing the Best Supporting Actress award, he was Kirk Douglas, father of Michael Douglas, an actor who has been in numerous movies, but mainly was famous in the 50’s and 60’s. His most famous movie was probably Spartacus from 1960. Many wondered how old he was and my wife even made the comment that “this guy will drop dead any second.” Well the answer is 94.

The second most famous question of last night was just how many times the host Anne Hathaway changed her dress, the answer is 8 if you count the red Valentino dress she walked in with on the red carpet.