Justin Bieber to take paternity test to prove he didn’t father baby

Last week a 20 year-old-woman named Mariah Yeater filed lawsuit against Justin Bieber, claiming she father her. Now Justin Bieber he plans to take a paternity test to prove he is not the father and once that is done he plans to sue Mariah Yeater to make a lesson of others that may want to make false claims against celebrities.

Mariah Yeater has given intimate details of how she met Justin Bieber. She claims she was at a concert where Bieber was performing and was in the front section. After the show a security guard asked her if she wanted to go back stage to meet Bieber and she agreed. She claims Just was busy talking to other girls but when her turn came and after talking a bit, it was obvious they had a chemistry and Just asked her if she wanted to go somewhere more quiet. Just led her to a bathroom, where they proceeded on having sex. She claims that Justin also did not want to use protection, because it was his first time and he wanted it to feel natural. Justin off course has denied all the claims.